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Summer Glow Up: 100% Effective Ways

Summer Glow Up: 100% Effective Ways

Does summer take your charm and Glow? We don’t agree since we believe in Summer Glow Up!

Yes, there are reasons behind that, and Easy Peasy Skincare is covering all of them. Which you can also discover by just scrolling down.

Summer is exciting because that’s when you can finally go out without worrying about the cold. But with every change in season, we tend to experience some problems as well. 

For instance, when the weather changes, most people experience a change in their skin. Many of us experience problems like dryness of the skin, acne, dehydration, excess oil formation, sunburns, heat rashes, etc. 

To avoid these problems, one should pay more attention to skincare to make sure your skin doesn’t break out and ruin your summer glow-up

Let’s talk more about this intriguing topic!



After a dry winter that makes your skin thin, everyone looks forward to summers to make their skin better, but without proper skin care, you can mess up your skin. 

In short, everyone goes after a pitch-perfect summer glow up. In summer, our skin produces more oils, and the atmosphere is more humid. 

This makes us feel that we don’t need to use moisturizer, and we start ignoring our skincare routines altogether. Even in summer, some light moisturization is necessary.

Oily skin:

If you have oily skin, you should consider using an oil-clear face wash to remove excess oils from your skin to get your Summer Glow Up. 

Oily skins tend to develop acne due to the blockage of pores and the provision of breeding grounds to bacteria. If you stay well hydrated and make sure to wash your face frequently, you can avoid this problem. 

The key is to clean off excess oils from the skin, and if it feels dry afterwards, apply some light moisturizers to make it better. 

In some, air pollution increases because dry dirt is carried by the wind, so it is also very important to do regular cleansing and exfoliation. Make sure to use oil-free sunblocks as well.

Dry Skin:

Dry skin can develop heat rashes and sunburns pretty quickly if you do not take good care of it. 

Make sure that your skin stays hydrated and use moisturizers so the hot wind cannot evaporate all the moisture from the skin and doesn’t wreak havocs on your summer glow up

It is also important to use sunscreen lotion at all times as it gets pretty sunny in the summer. Dry skin can get irritated easily, so precautionary measures must be taken while choosing products like deodorants and sunblock lotions.

Skincare Routine for the Summer Glow Up:

Skincare routine for the summer glow up
  • Cleanse every day for Summer Glow Up
  • Wash your face many times a day with some gentle soap
  • Apply moisturizers as many times a day as necessary
  • Exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin
  • Eat healthily
  • Use hyaluronic Acid to make skin look Plump and fresh
  • Use Sunblock/Sunscreen/SPF every day, especially when going outdoors
  • Use Hydrating, Nourishing and cleansing masks.



A healthy and well-balanced diet is key to how we look. If we are not taking a healthy diet and our body is malnourished, no matter how many beauty products we use, we cannot have Summer Glow Up. 

Only a fresh and healthy body can glow, and diet plays an essential role. Make sure to take a balanced diet with a healthy amount of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and boost your summer glow up

It is important to add fruits to your daily meals as they contain numerous vitamins and minerals. These assist your skin, hair, and overall health and immunity. 



Hair plays a supreme role in your look. Beautiful and healthy hair really enhances your look and makes you flaunt and have a Summer Glow Up. 

Make sure to use a good shampoo for the summer that can remove oils and leave hair perfectly moistened and silky. 

Also, use a conditioner to protect hairs from damage and compare the Glow up before and after. You can also try new hairstyles to compliment your summer look. 

Trying new hair color or getting your hair done and getting a haircut are also good options for a healthy change.

Some love for hands and feet:

Some love for hands and feet

We often tend to ignore our hands and feet and don’t take good care of them. It is an indispensable task to keep hands and feel clean and dandy as if ignored; they can get infected. 

Especially the feet are more prone to develop a fungal infection in the nails or between the finger. One should take good care of hands and feet by properly washing them, moisturizing, and cutting nails regularly to get a proper glow up

You can also make an appointment for a handi cure and a pedicure to get professional treatment.

Go Shopping:

Go shopping

New outfits and up-to-date clothing have a significant effect on your outlook. 

Therefore, if you want a summer Glow up, you definitely need to go shopping and buy yourself new clothes for the summer season. Buying new makeup to complement your summer glow up is also necessary, along with all the footwear and makeup accessories. 

There is just so much to shop for, so just give yourself a break, cut some slack and spend a few bucks on yourself, and they will surely pay off.

Stay Hydrated:

Stay Hydrated

In summer, a lot of water is lost from our bodies through sweating and evaporation due to warm weather. 

Our body demands more water intake, and if this excessive need for water is not fulfilled body gets dehydrated, and the ultimate Glow up for summer remains unfinished. 

Dehydration has an immensely poor effect on our body, causing stress on the kidney and disturbing normal activities, even causing dryness of the skin and hair fall. 

Severe dehydration can even cause death because water is very important for our normal body functions.



If you live in a country where you don’t get to see much sun during the winters, then summer is an awesome time to get some skin tan.

During winters, we stay indoors to avoid the cold and stay warm, but it means we don’t get to see much daylight, and our skin starts losing pigment. 

For many people, tanning is an essential part of the glow-up as it makes your skin look much healthy by producing pigments. Make sure to catch some early sun rays. 

You can also use some tanning lotions but try to avoid sunburns and heat stroke. Sunbathing also helps with vitamin D deficiency.

Daily workout:

Daily workout

Working out is necessary to stay in shape and stay active and healthy. Although it won’t give a Summer Glow Up in 24 hours, it will surely be a great part of your beauty and health in the long run. 

In winter, many of us tend to slouch and not have the motivation to work out as we tend to stay inside and can’t really enjoy running and outdoor sports. Summer is the best time to get back in shape and follow your workout routine again. 

Just make sure to stay hydrated and take small steps toward your goals, and you will see the difference.

Final Words:

With the rise of summer, everyone looks forward to a Summer Glow Up in 7 days or so. That, unfortunately, is not totally realistic. However, with a little effort every day, you can surely boost your beauty and fitness.
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