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BB Glow Treatment Gone Wrong! How Can It not?

BB Glow Treatment Gone Wrong! How Can It not

BB Glow Treatment Gone Wrong can be alarming News If you don’t get the treatment right. There are a number of people who face it. That is why it is important to determine whether it is safe for your skin or not.

Therefore, Scroll down to discover how BB glow treatment gone wrong and how it cannot happen to you.

BB Glow treatment is a kind of beauty-enhancing treatment that makes your skin look smoother and gives your face a semi-permanent makeup look. 

This treatment aims to infuse the foundation pigments into the skin, making it softer and brighter.

Moreover, It requires the use of a process called nano needling in which tiny needles pierce the first layer of skin called the epidermis. And the BB glow serum is thus infused into it. 

These days, as much as this treatment is getting constant hype, it is being looked down on too. People are being skeptical about it and worry about BB glow treatment gone wrong previously. 

Let’s talk more about the BB Glow Treatment Gone Wrong issue!

Steps Of The BB Glow Treatment:

Steps Of The
BB Glow Treatment

Cleansing The Skin

The first step is usually cleansing the skin to remove dust and grind from the skin.


The next step is the exfoliation of dead skin cells. Exfoliation makes sure that the dead cells that will be falling off soon are removed, so they do not accumulate the BB glow serum and fall off, making the results of treatment short-lived. 


Different facial products get used to making skin moisturized and at the right PH. Any carelessness in these steps could cause a BB glow treatment gone wrong. 

BB Glow Serum

Once the skin is ready to go, the BB glow serum that matches your skin tone gets applied to the face.

Micro-Needling Device

After applying the BB Glow Serum. The micro-needling device will be run all across the face. The purpose will be to infuse all the serum into the skin. 


Then a mask might be applied to retain the moisture, so the serum doesn’t dry out. 

Healing Cream

After this step, the skin is treated with a healing cream that assists in healing the small scars left by the needles.

BB Glow Treatment Gone Wrong:

BB Glow Treatment Gone Wrong

There is a lot of controversy about this treatment on the internet. Some say it’s absolutely safe, while others have their speculations about it. 

There have been many cases of it being successful, and some of the BB glow treatment gone wrong as well. 

Nevertheless, it is a non-essential cosmetic treatment as it doesn’t fix any life-threatening health issues but just makes your face look better, so there are ethical concerns about it as well.

Colored Serums Injection

The BB glow Treatment procedure combines pigmentation and micro-needling procedures into one. With a nano-needling device, colored serums are injected into the facial skin, where they are retained, providing your skin with a more uniform look. 

Microneedling devices can also be used, although they are less common because nano-needling ones are more sophisticated and accurate and also make smaller pores and less skin damage. 

The goal is to make the skin appear brighter and as though it is wearing a thin foundation semi-permanently, i.e., lasting up to several months.

In books, it seems to be a fantastic technique, but it might be quite difficult to implement in real life; thus, there are some chances of the BB glow gone wrong treatment

Many estheticians oppose it and cite the harmful side effects of the BB glow procedure. Only the epidermis is intended to be injected with these small needles. The word “nano” refers to the needle’s very tiny diameter.

As a result, the incisions are both extremely small and quite shallow. But this is hard to achieve as the skin layers are not evenly thick all over the body, and their thickness varies.

The most common and mild side effects of BB glow gone wrong are 

  • Redness Of The Skin, 
  • Irritation, 
  • Blemishes, 
  • Minor Peeling, 
  • Itching, 
  • And Minor Swelling, A Few Days Later.

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BB Glow is not recommended for the following:

  • For Pregnant or nursing Mothers.
  • For Patients with diagnosed or suspected Skin cancer.
  • Persons with Skin disease 
  • Persons with bacterial infections or wounds on the skin can get irritated.
  • People allergic to the ingredients of the process 
  • Patients with other cosmetic surgeries like injectable fillers in the recent past.
  • Patients with hemophilia or having blood thinning medications.
  • Patients who are immunosuppressed due to the potential for increased post-needling infection.

Final Words:

The BB glow treatment has been in vogue for some years now.  But over the years, the risk of BB glow treatment gone wrong has been observed too. Diabetes, acne, or any skin condition may lead to bigger problems if irritated with this treatment. 

Although it does have its boons, you must not jump in to get it before you know it fully and have consulted with a registered doctor. The side effect BB glow treatment gone wrong are too much to turn a blind eye to. Thus, be cautious. Plus, maintain good hygiene even after the treatment.

If you want us to cover any other skincare Topic, then mention that in the comment section!

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