Who doesn’t like doll eye eyelash extensions? We believe everyone does! Because the eyes are no doubt the most sensitive but the most beautiful part of our body, which can change your whole look and make you prominent in the crowd. 

If we talk about the trend, then According to Survey which was conducted in 2017 on tinting and lengthening. That year 28% of womens already had this treatment, 45% of womens were aware of doll eye eyelash extensions, and only 13% of the woman were not aware of it. Moreover, the rest of the 13% were interested. 

It was back then, but now, if we talk about Generation Z females, then the truth is Generation Z females are mostly aware of it, and 59.3 percent of them visit beauty clinics to get different facial treatments for their different needs. 

We estimate that no more than 1% of women who aren’t already blog readers are aware of this. Hahah..

Anyhow, scroll down and read it because when you’re done, you won’t be in that 1% because Easy Peasy Skincare will tell you everything you need to know before getting or doing the treatment. 

Thus, Without wasting any time, let’s get into it!

How Can You Detect Eyelash Extension Doll Eye?

How Can You Detect Eyelash Extension Doll Eye

There are different types of eyelash extensions which is why it is important to know what is doll eye eyelash extensions. Therefore, you can detect it and have a clear mind about how it is going to be and whether that is what you need or not.

Doll eyelash extensions are a treatment that you can utilize to enhance your eyes. Moreover, this treatment is best for you if you want to enhance your great feature, which is the “eye.”

Trust us when we say These small features are literally game-changers!

The lash artists will apply the shorter lashes at the end and the longer ones in the middle so your small eyes can be converted to open and larger. 

Moreover, It provides amazing volume to your lashes. It gives a faltering look and defined eyes. Additionally, It will make your Lash line a bit sharper, and It is the demand of newcomers in the industry.

Can You Go For Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, If you have Exotic eyes or narrow eyes because, as mentioned above, it will give open and larger effects on your eyes. Not only is it a replacement for mascara, but it will give your eyes a natural or dramatic look that you can carry all the time. 

Which Eyes Shouldn’t Take Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions?

We’ve discussed who should take it, but In order to avoid the tragedy yourself, it is crucial that you know who should not take it. 

Those with long and round eyes should avoid it because it will look even longer, which can be quite an awkward and big no. 

What Is Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions Made Of?

It is made of synthetic thin fiber material, which is lightweight and soft. This material will provide your eyes with natural lashes and a royal look. Furthermore, It can provide volume to your lashes.

Why Is Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions Mapping Important?

Why Is Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions Mapping Important?

If you are going to take a treatment or if you are going to do a treatment, then you should know that doll eye eyelash extensions treatment can be done according to your eyes.

Every person has different eyes, and there is not one size fits all concept when it comes to eyelash extension. 

If you perform doll eye eyelash extensions mapping, then you can avoid mistakes by applying the Length of the lashes according to the eye size and shape; otherwise, your eyes can look even more short and sad because they will be bent into one side. Moreover, You will say lash extensions damage my natural eyes.

With mapping, you can find the optimal placement of lashes because Missplacemnet can drown your desire for eyes like a doll. 

Moreover, with eye mapping, you can decide which method of doll eye can be best for your or your client’s eyes. 

Methods For Doll Eyelashes

Methods For Doll Eyelashes extensions

There are two mostly used methods which we will cover here. 

  1. Classic
  2. Hybrid 


The first one is classic eyelash extensions doll eye. This is also known as a 1:1 approach. In this method, we apply 1 lash with one natural lash. In this process, you will get long lashes with thickness. In addition, the thickness will be between 0.12 and 0.15 mm so that the natural lash stays healthy and doesn’t get too heavy. 


This is the second and quite famous one. In this method, we use Half classic and half volume vibe. According to your eyes, the longest lashes will be applied in the center. The Length of wispy doll eye eyelash extensions is usually between 12 and 14 mm. 

Moreover, The smallest one will be one of the ends. The most used mapping for this style is 8-9-10-11-12-11-10 mm. But Yes, It will be according to your or your client’s natural lashes, and mapping can aid you with it. 

If you want doll eye volume eyelash extensions, you should use fans with 3–4 lashes. The thickness of them should be 0.07 mm, and the width of them should be 0.05 to 0.07 mm to get royal volume.

On the other hand, For classic eyelash extensions doll eye, you should use a thickness of 0.15 mm.

Which Cellerabites Wear Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions?

Which Cellerabites Wear Doll Eye Eyelash Extensions?

Doll eyelash extensions are widely recognized because celebrities are always in the spotlight. Most of the time, celebrities set trends, and we admire them and get the treatment or outfit which catches our attention. 

We also put these things down on our “To Do List.” 

The celebrities who get the eyelash extensions doll eye are 

  • Megan Fox
  • Jessica Alba, 
  • Katy Perry, 
  • Ariana Grande.

There are numerous other celebrities who get eyelash extensions as well, but their treatment is slightly different. Some of them get the Cat Eyelash extension. This is a Lash extension type, and there are lash extensions types that are not more famous than these.

Cat Eyelash extension is also relatively famous, and people always struggle to decide between cat eye vs doll eyelash extensions. Celebrities like Kim Kardashian are the ones who got the cat eye treatment. 

Final Thoughts 

We always enhance our eyes with different eye makeup such as Smokey eyes, cut crease, shimmery and more.

Not only that, We use lenses to enhance our eyes and use more than one coat of mascara to enhance our lashes. But now we don’t have to put so much weight on our lashes because if you get the doll eye eyelash extensions, then we believe you don’t even have to apply any mascara daily.

After reading this, we are confident that your thoughts about it are clear, and you can confidently decide and can get the treatment. After knowing the facts, you will not be the one who says that extensions damage my natural lashes.

Still, If you have any queries, then you can mention them in the comment section, and we can cover them just like other treatments, such as BB Glow Wrong, Pink Eye and more!

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