Red Bumps On Tongue Back: Causes, Treatment and more!

Red Bumps On Tongue Back: Causes, Treatment and more!

Are You the one facing Red Bumps On Tongue Back? Then You are at the right place. Easy Peasy Skincare will let you know the TOP Causes To Treatments.

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The Tongue is an organ of speech and taste that also helps in eating, but you will be surprised to know how much your Tongue can say about your health.

The Tongue is a vital organ of our body but is often neglected as we don’t spot visible changes on it every day. Trained eyes can tell a lot by looking at a tongue, its colors, and other indications about health, like Red bumps on Tongue back, lesions, and sores. 

Back in the day, the Tongue was considered a big indicator of health, and discolored tongues were considered to be a sign that a person was unhealthy.

Generally, everyone has bumps on their tongues called papillae, but they are not very noticeable under normal conditions.

Inflammation in the Tongue and swollen lumps on the Tongue’s back might be signs of a bacterial infection.

Normally just a bump or two can appear on your Tongue due to some bacteria, but if your brushing habits are good, they will go away on their own if they hurt or cause discomfort.

Then you should consult your doctor for a diagnosis. Simple bumps on the Tongue are not a symptom of some major diseases. If Red bumps on Tongue back are accompanied by other symptoms, it can be a bit concerning.

What exactly are Tongue Bumps?

The tongue is composed of muscles, and its surface is covered by a mucous membrane. Small bumps (called papillae) commonly occur on the surface of the back of your tongue. Taste buds are located between the papillae and let you taste meals. 

These papillae are not very noticeable, but they can sometimes swell up due to bacterial infection or injury. This swelling may also be accompanied by pain and a change of color. This can take place for a variety of reasons.

Red Bumps On Tongue Back: Causes, Treatment and more!

What are the Causes of Red Bumps On Tongue Back?

Knowing the cause is the reason that you can treat your diseases; therefore, after the in-depth result, Easy Peasy Skincare came up with the most common causes of red bumps on Tongue back.

  • A common reason for red bumps on Tongue can be swelling due to minor injuries on the Tongue caused by eating something very hot or biting your Tongue accidentally.
  • Sometimes, eating hard and dry objects can also hurt your Tongue. These bumps will go away in a few days on their own but discomfort can be eased by using oral ointments prescribed by the doctor.
  • There can be many causes residing behind the bumps appearing on the Tongue. They may be a symptom of a disease or merely a slight inflammation that will go away on its own or with minimal care.
  • The Tongue may develop lumps or swelling due to food intolerances or allergic reactions. Anaphylaxis is a hazardous response that causes sudden, widespread swelling of the Tongue. It can be caused due to intake or coming in contact with an allergen.

Precautions and Treatment of Red Bumps On Tongue Back:

Those little troublemakers can be quite discomforting. Regardless of the cause, Some simple remedies can ease your pain and irritation. One should brush at least twice a day and use mouthwash. 

  • Paying more attention to dental hygiene is crucial to avoid bacterial infections. 
  • Using lukewarm water and corn flour or baking soda can also assist with the condition. 
  • Do not consume any spicy foods, as they can cause a burning sensation. 
  • Use alcohol-free mouthwash and mild toothpaste. If you smoke or use or use some oral drugs like a steroid inhaler, you should show special attention to your oral hygiene

One should consult a dentist or doctor if Red bumps on the back of the tongue bleed, grow more painful, or spread and last more than a week. A doctor would inquire about any additional symptoms and base his diagnosis accordingly.

Risk Factors:

No matter how trivial they seem, you shouldn’t neglect Red bumps on Tongue back since they could be a warning sign of some serious ailment. Common diseases related to red bumps on Tongue Back are:

  • Oral herpes
  • Thrush
  • Canker sores
  • leukoplakia
  • scarlet fever
  • tongue cancer ( Rare)
  • Tongue burn
  • Lie bumps

Final Words:

By now, you must’ve learned quite a lot about the tiny nasties that arise in your Tongue and could truly be excruciating while eating or talking. Those red bumps on Tongue back could worsen if you omit simple actions that can aid you in getting rid of them. 

However, if the symptoms persist even after a few days of treatment, do not wait for them to heal on their own, as they could lead to or might be signs of some other health conditions. 

Although the Red bumps on Tongue back don’t pose a serious health risk most of the time, they could still be pretty bothersome if accompanied by pain, so you need to pay attention to the possible causes.

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