Lotion VS Cream, It’s time to end this battle! 

Are you using lotion or Cream? Do you realize the difference between them?

We are sure that you, too, like many others, use the terms’ cream’ and ‘lotions’ interchangeably without realizing the difference between them. 

Of course, both creams and lotions can provide moisturization to your skin, but one may be better for your skin than the other based on your skin type and the ingredients they contain. 

Today’s discussion is gonna be all about lotion vs Cream. Lotions and creams are usually used for moisturization and hydration, and these are necessary for healthy skin regardless of the skin type you have. But to choose between the two, we need to take a look at the current condition of the skin. 

For instance, things like the texture of the skin, oil content (sebum), moisture content, and pigmentation.

Let’s dive into Lotion VS Cream!

Is Body Cream the Same as Lotion?

To an untrained eye, the only difference between a cream and a lotion might seem to be the consistency, as the lotions usually have a more watery consistency while creams are denser in general. 

However, this consistency depends upon the contents of the Cream and lotion; hence their use cases differ. But what to choose between lotion vs Cream

Some lotions are oily, and some are very light and absorbed into the skin right away. Similarly, some creams are readily absorbing while others form an oily protective layer on the skin. The products should be used based on the requirements of your skin. 

The Skin Type:

The Skin Type

brief review of what might be suitable for you according to your skin type is given below. It will surely help you choose between, 

Lotion Vs Cream!

Dry Skin:

Dry skin that is not oily doesn’t only need hydration but also needs moisturizer in the form of a lotion or Cream. For these types of skin, a dense cream with heavy moisturizer is recommended because if a light moisturizer or lotion is used, the skin becomes dry quickly as it can’t lock in moisture and lacks oils. Moreover, Dry skin can be caused by dry weather and dehydration or dry wind.

Oily Skin:

Oily skins can also be dehydrated but produce lots of oil and sebum and thus retain the ability to keep the moisture locked in. Thus these skins do not require an oily or heavy moisturizer but a rather light one. A moisturizer lotion or a light cream containing hyaluronic acid will work well on such skin. 

If a heavy moisturizer is used on such skin, it can cause irritation, clog skin pores and cause acne. If you have oily skin, you must also use a good light face wash to keep oils from accumulating and bacteria from growing. 

Normal skin:

If you have normal healthy skin that is not very dry or oily, it still requires moisturization. To keep such skin healthy and moisturized, you should use a combination of a good lotion and a cream or just a lotion if your skin never gets very dry during the day

To know the difference between Hydrating and moisturizing products. Click Here!

Lotion Vs Body Cream:

Lotion Vs Body Cream:

You ought to know the difference between lotion and Cream. Lotion and body creams are quite similar but not the same. Most people limit their skincare only to their face and hands and ignore the rest of the skin. 

It’s a fact that our faces, hands, and feet need more attention as they are exposed to the environment all day, but neglecting the rest of the body is not the best way to go.

But as for the main tiff between lotion vs Cream, most creams are only made to be applied on the face, and thus their consistency is dense, and they don’t absorb readily on the skin

On the other hand, lotions have a very light consistency, and they absorb readily into the skin. Thus, most people prefer lotions for full-body application.

Lotions are enough for light moisturization, but if you have dry skin, they don’t work for you. In such cases, body creams are preferable. Body creams are richer and denser versions of lotion designed for application on the whole body rather than just the face. Body creams are a perfect mid-ground between lotions and creams.

Skin Conditions:

If you have some severe or painful symptoms, they can be a sign of an allergic reaction or even fungal or bacterial infections, in which case you should stop using all the creams or lotions you are using and consult the doctor. 

Once the problem is diagnosed, you can continue your skincare routine with the permission of the dermatologist if you don’t have any allergic reaction to it

Skin types can change a little bit with age, and older persons or babies tend to have more sensitive skin. In the case of babies, very light baby lotions can be used to avoid chemicals damaging their skin. One should also use appropriate sunscreen to avoid skin sun damage.

Final words:

So now you know what’s the difference between Cream and lotion, right? Many lotions and creams might have some same ingredients, but they have different consistency and textures. 
This allows them to be useful in different applications and fulfil different requirements. While creams, lotions, and body creams all provide moisture to the skin, their specific behaviour is different with each skin type, and one should use the one that suits them. Therefore, opt for the most suitable option amongst lotion vs Cream. Plus, be sure to do a patch test when you go for a new product.

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